kedras apie

About Us

Today, as never before, it is our duty to lead a responsible lifestyle – in harmony with ourselves and with nature. We should strive to limit our environmental impact; care for the well-being of ourselves and our closest ones.

If you believe in what we believe – let us take a giant leap towards a better tomorrow. Together.

We are professional builders of eco-efficient houses. We help the environmentally-conscious to strengthen their bonds with nature, and improve their well-being through a healthy microclimate. We do so, by building exclusive homes for you and your family.

We use quality cedar, a versatile and unique timber that outshines any other building material. We promise you will never go back once you are mesmerized by its unique grain patterns or its distinct aroma.

Put your trust in us just as we put our hearts and souls – as well as years of experience – into the construction process. In a matter of weeks, you could be living in the home of your dreams.


We are a team of customer-focused professionals, with our full and undivided attention focused on your needs. We are here to help you build your ideal home.

We have years of experience in house-building. We know exactly what it takes to build an ideal home, which would accommodate your desires, passions and hobbies, as well as suit your personal style and comfort.

Highest quality is a lifestyle choice. Choose the best building materials, the greatest technologies, and only the most unique designs. Choose house-builders who care about the end-result as much as you do. Know exactly what you’re paying for. Choose Kedro namai.


We are pleased with the growing abundance of eco-friendly building materials which enables us to expand our capabilities to fulfil our clients’ request for balance between functionality and comfort.

Environmentally-conscious way of life does not come in only one form. There is myriad of different ways to interpret it: as conservation of scarce Earth resources; living in harmony with nature; or as simply refusing to build your home out of toxic building materials.

Environmentally-conscious house-building is not the end-goal – it’s the beginning of the path towards sustainable living on our planet. Build your dream home from eco-friendly and quality materials.

Join the growing list of satisfied customers, who enjoy the health benefits and a life of comfort – NOT at the expense of our planet.


Here at Kedro namai we are proud of the name we have built for ourselves. By helping numerous home-owners build their ideal homes in Lithuania and elsewhere in Europe, we have earned a reputation for trustworthiness and diligence.

There is nothing better than hearing feedback from a satisfied customer, who is as happy of the end-result as we are.

A new home is far more than just bricks and mortar. For us, every single house is a testament to the quality, professionalism and technological prowess that we constantly strive to keep at the highest possible standard.

Inspirational design. Structural integrity. Reasonable house maintenance costs. Quality craftsmanship. Kedro namai.

The highest possible standard is a lifestyle choice.