Eco-house is not a Clay & Straw House

An ecological house does not have to be a clay and straw house. Today, building materials manufacturers offer natural building and finishing materials. The article tells you about the details of your healthy home. Get to know!

Western (or Canadian) Red Cedarwood

Today, the choice of wood for interior and exterior is as wide as ever. Each has different characteristics. But why choose Western or Canadian Red Cedar wood? What qualities does it surpass other types of wood? Learn!

What is Healthy Microclimate?

Healthy microclimate provides good well-being and health benefits. But do you know what a healthy microclimate is and how to create it? Did you know that the concept is defined even by hygiene norms? Find more information in the article.

Eco-friendly ≠ Healthy

Today, we can choose from an abundance of goods and services when building homes. Is it always good? How to distinguish professionals from poor service providers? The purpose of Kedro namai is not only to create a healthy home for you, but also to expand the circle of like-minded people. How? Learn!

Your Furniture Influences Your Health

Health is our greatest asset, so taking care of your own and your family’s health is a priority. Many do not even think that health is affected not only by what we eat or how much we move, but also by what we sleep or what table we sit on. Find out more!