Health is our greatest wealth. Everyone already knows it. We exercise, we spend time outside, take vitamins, sleep just the right number of hours, eat healthy food, and try to avoid unnecessary stress. But do we choose our house furniture with our health in mind? More to the point, are you even aware of the influence your house furniture has on your health?


What furniture should you choose?

There’s a wide variety of options on the market. Manufacturers offer solid furniture made out of laminate sheet wood, out of different types of fibreboards, or chipboards. That is fine, as everyone can shop for their needs and within their means. But none of the options above come close to the standards of solid wood furniture. If you truly care your family‘s health and well-being; if you care about creating a perfect microclimate at your home – choose solid wood furniture.


Advantages of solid wood furniture

Timber is a natural building material. By choosing solid wood furniture you choose a healthy lifestyle, bring comfort and warmth to your home and, crucially, do not distance yourself from nature. Solid wood furniture is, well, solid and durable – it will stay with you for years to come. Additionally, it can always be refurbished. Not only that, solid wood furniture is an outstanding piece of interior that complements any architectural style home.

No one can deny that a walk in the forest and a breath of fresh air will take all of your worries away. All of the stress, the anger, the hurt – forgotten. Now imagine taking that power of the forest back home. That’s right, you can do just that by choosing solid wood furniture made out of pine, oak, birch, walnut or cedarwood. Each type of timber has its own distinct characteristics.

Cedarwood, in specific, is rich in natural essential oils, which not only fill your house with soothing aroma but also have antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Every Cedarwood piece of furniture is unique – its grainy structure is smooth to the touch, while the warm palette of amber tones radiates with warmth and luxury.


Solid wood furniture and health

We recommend solid wood furniture for everyone. Especially if you – or a member of your family – suffers from allergies, breathing problems or respiratory diseases – furniture made out of solid timber is the only way to go. Your choice can make a difference between a home of depression and exhaustion, and home of blissful serenity.

Choose solid wood furniture if you care about creating a healthy microclimate; if you are looking for ways to improve the health and well-being of your family members; if you are looking to live in harmony with nature.

Where else, if not at home, should you feel good? Choose solid wood furniture – choose a healthy lifestyle.