Each type of timber has its own distinct characteristics. Here at Kedro namai we cannot hide our excitement when we discuss the Western Red Cedar. Thuja Plicata (commonly called Western Red Cedar) is one of the oldest and tallest species of conifers that mostly grow in the western parts of Canada and United States. Its timber is praised by world-renowned architects and interior designers.


Properties of western red cedar

Smooth to the touch, Western Red Cedar is cherished around the world for its stability and durability. Due to its straight and grainy structure, cedar is the most stable type of conifer timber. It does not easily bend to pressure, nor does it twist or shrink. But it is also astonishingly light, making it the ideal building material for unique designs. Red Cedar Wood also has superb acoustic properties – it is great at isolating your home from noise and suppressing echoes.

To prepare this type of timber for construction, it must be dried for a long time in special drying furnaces, in order to slowly suck out the moisture from the timber, while also preventing it from tangling, bending or shrinking. After the drying process, only the natural and aromatic oils remain. Western Red Cedar is rich in them, making it resistant to moisture, rotting, and insect breeding. During the heat treatment, the wood is impregnated for fire-resistance.

All of these qualities make it the ideal material for outdoor as well as indoor finish.


The tree of life

Because it is rich in natural oils, Western Red Cedar is widely known as the ‘tree of life’. Its disinfectant and antibacterial properties are essential for a healthy home environment, which is ideal for people with allergies, breathing issues or respiratory diseases.

These oils are also the reason for the distinct aroma of Red Cedar Wood. Trust us, once you let go, the aroma will take all your worries away, relax your mind and body.



The range of textures and tones of Cedar does not leave anyone in doubt. Different shades (from soft amber to rich cinnamon) stand out as the exclusive elements of interior or exterior and bring out the lively energy of any home.

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Aesthetics need not be only for the eyes! Many people choose Red Cedar Wood for its unique insulation properties. Because of its low density, Cedarwood suppresses noise and softens the surrounding sounds.

All in all, the aesthetic qualities of Western Red Cedarwood make it a unique choice for your ideal home. It’s a no-brainer.