Everyone looks forward to that special moment – the moment they will be entering their very own new home for the first time, holding in hand a key that represents the achievement of a long-held goal. However, to get to this stage, many hurdles need to be jumped over. Not only does that include the multi-stage construction process itself, but also acquiring various permits, undergoing numerous assessments, and taking care of many other important details that guarantee the house meets all the guidelines and is safe for you and others to live in. Ideally, everything also has to be accomplished within budget and on time.

Some choose to allocate each step of the process to a different set of people: architects, designers, contractors, and so on. Some are particularly brave and choose to do everything themselves. Nevertheless, if you want to save a great deal of time, money, and nerves – we unequivocally recommend entrusting all of these matters to a single construction management organization.

What is construction management?

Construction management is the planning of construction processes, the organization of activities, and the coordination of resources – all to ensure that each step of the process is carried out according to plan, and all of the objectives are met on time and within the set budget.

Construction manager’s responsibilities include:

  • conducting construction cost analysis
  • preparing the terms of reference
  • managing and coordinating the project
  • obtaining building permits
  • engineering consulting during design, project evaluation
  • construction project engineering, economic and legal consulting
  • analysis and evaluation of estimates
  • selection and management of contractors for project implementation
  • representation of the client’s interests during the project
  • construction and commissioning of the building
  • warranty management

Why should you choose just one organisation?

Entrusting the entire construction process into the hands of one organisation is beneficial because construction managers can acquire a deeper understanding of that specific project. By overseeing all stages of the construction process, the construction manager acquires more crucial information, makes better-informed decisions, and finds answers to difficult questions more quickly.

Having just one construction manager will also usually ensure that the project will be completed without going over the budget, primarily because the budget was planned by the same person or organisation that then adhered to it. Conversely, if every step of the process is allocated to a different manager, it becomes very easy to lose the overall picture and step over the budget and deadlines. A chaotic building process may even lead to various construction defects too.

Lastly, do take the amount of stress you may experience seriously. And do consider the amount of time you will have to sacrifice if you decide to take care of certain documents yourself. The process of obtaining building permits, for example, is particularly difficult for first-timers. It is important to think hard about whether it is best to go on this journey alone. Numerous hours will be wasted pursuing different people and organisations, filling in forms, and clarifying all the details. It is no secret that communication often accounts for as much as 60% of the process – and it is easy to get lost in the details when you have not done this before. Meanwhile, the pressing deadlines and the endless desire to move into your new home will undoubtedly eat into your nerves and cause a lot of anxiety. If possible, it is best to avoid all of this.

We recommend you choose a group of construction management experts that will take care of all the little and large details for you. That way, you will be entering your dream home with your sanity still intact. To ensure that construction is carried out stress-free, within budget, and according to the plan — choose Kedro namai, your trusted construction managers.