Your home is not only the place where you spend most of your time – it is also the place where you have a right to feel great. Your home should be the place where you can relax, feel yourself and gain some perspective on all the troubles lurking outside. In other words, your home should be your temple. But how?


Home microclimate – what is it?

To ensure a great feeling at home, a healthy microclimate is essential. How do you know if it is healthy? Not only should the building materials ensure your home meets the highest hygiene norms and does not adversely affect your health – your home should fill you full of life.

A microclimate that does not meet these norms, or is otherwise unhealthy, can reduce your productivity, cause headaches, mood swings, or even increase the likelihood of developing respiratory diseases, induce allergies or skin problems. Getting concerned about your home microclimate is the first step towards a healthy home environment.


How to create a healthy microclimate?

Your home microclimate is heavily influenced by ventilation and heating systems. Similarly, a healthy microclimate is created by using natural and eco-friendly building materials and decorating your house with solid wood furniture.

Those who are really concerned about their home microclimate should choose an eco-friendly and eco-efficient house from the get-go. During the construction process, the choice of building materials has, by far, the biggest influence in creating a healthy home microclimate.

For those who already have a place they call home, we recommend choosing solid wood furniture. It is essential that such furniture is not built from toxic materials and meets the highest standards of eco-efficiency.

The well-being of your family should be your top priority. One sure way to improve it is by creating a healthy microclimate. A house with a healthy microclimate radiates with lively energy. Its residents are full of energy and life. They do not suffer from insomnia, headaches, allergies or respiratory diseases. They simply feel great.